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Manage Your Retail Store With Mobile POS

Five Reasons to Choose Mobile POS

Is a mobile POS system right for your business? Check out this video to see the many benefits of having a mobile POS system in your store. Read Blog!

Online Store eCommerece Strategies
Digital Marketing

How To Be Competitive With Your Online Store

The web is a competitive “battlefield” for retailers. Here are best practice strategies to help you develop an innovative eCommerce online store. Read blog!

Get more out of your POS software
Point of Sale

How to Get More Out of Your Retail POS

Point of sale technology is an important investment. However, making full use of the POS is not guaranteed if retailers fail to learn the application. Learn more!

Steps to Help Retailers Send More Successful Emails
Digital Marketing

Promotional Email Best Practices

Read 3 steps to help retailers send more successful emails. These tips can help improve your email marketing; increasing your open rates, click throughs and ultimately- online sales.

5 Facts About Online Marketplaces
Digital Marketing

5 Facts About Online Marketplaces

5 Facts About Online Marketplaces If you cant beat them, join them Click here to learn more about Online Marketplaces! Family owned businesses and smaller

How to Utilize E-mail Marketing to Promote Your Business Both In Store And Online Image
Digital Marketing

How To Utilize E-Mail Marketing to Promote Your Business In-Store & Online

Integrated marketing automation tools allow you to manage your campaigns & promotions and seamlessly send personalized emails to customers with automated workflows. Use your acquired customer data and automated e-mails to market to customers based on their buying patterns and overall shopping behavior. This will ensure that customers receive emails relevant to them, which in turn will increase the likely hood that they will click through and make another purchase.

Drop Ship / Fulfillment

How to Sell More Products by Doing Less Work

Simplify your retail business with catalog imports, automated purchase orders & drop shipping. Import products easily into the POS: Browse vendor catalogs and select the items you would like to sell in your store. Retailers can import the items into their Point of Sale database, including well detailed descriptions of products and images. Update your POS against vendor catalogs at customized intervals of your choosing to make sure that products you typically stock are in store and available as needed.

Why it's important to manage your business with one system
Point of Sale

Why It’s Important to Manage Your Entire Business With One Retail System

Gone are the days of miscommunications and cross referencing data which often lead to errors— in modern times, you can access all of your business tools in one place with an integrated Point of Sale system. Various software from multiple vendors can become confusing but with a fully integrated POS software everything is in one place: POS, eCommerce, inventory management, loyalty programs, e-mail marketing, and more.

Retail Technology

From eCommerce to AI: The Transformation of the Retail Industry

How the Right Retail Technology Partner can Better Your Business: We live in an increasingly modernized and futuristic world: through exponential advances in science and technology, what was merely science fiction yesterday can be made a reality today. The recent advancements in technology are opening more doors for businesses than ever before, forcing retailers to ask themselves: am I behind the curve in my industry, and if so, how can I adapt and utilize this new technology to my advantage?

blog- United Sporting Co. Partners with Celerant Technology to Streamline Replenishment and Continue CLX to AcuSport Dealers

United Sporting Companies Partners With Celerant Technology To Streamline Replenishment And Continue CLX To AcuSport Dealers

Staten Island, NY (July 18, 2018) –Today, Celerant Technology, a leading provider of innovative retail solutions for both small and enterprise firearm retailers, announced its partnership with United Sporting Companies (USC), a leading distributor of hunting, shooting and marine sports products. The two companies have been working together for some time to launch this new integration, enabling firearm dealers to more effectively operate their businesses by eliminating manual product entry and order replenishment. This partnership allows Dealers to focus on selling product to their customers while Celerant and United Sporting Companies work behind the scenes to expand CLX even further and allow for a seamless transition.

Digital Marketing

Green Receipts: Paperless That Gives More

With the rise of the technological age, we’re seeing people opting for the convenience of the digital world. Most of today’s commerce platforms can be found online, from video streaming to online shopping. For brick-and-mortar business owners, this may seem like a possible loss of customers to other avenues of buying. Fortunately, there is a new way to keep customers on returning to your store, and it surprisingly starts at the end of a transaction: green receipts.

How Retailers Can Save Time & Sell More With Vendor Integrations
Point of Sale

How Retailers Can Save Time & Sell More with Vendor Integrations

When dealing with vendors, retailers are presented with a unique variety of challenges. Take, for example, the difficulties in maintaining a current and accurate inventory of products. Since inventory levels are constantly changing, staying up-to-date with inventory is a never-ending struggle which can take up a huge amount of a retailer’s time. A system lacking integration between the retail Point of Sale, eCommerce, and ERP means that staff will not have the most accurate and up-to-date information on inventory levels.

How To Increase Holiday Retail Sales
Digital Marketing

How To Increase Holiday Retail Sales

No matter how hard retailers prep for the busiest time of year, many overlook aspects that can increase sales, so we put together tips to help. See more!

Blog - EMV

Still Not EMV Compliant? Consumers Notice!

If you are still not EMV compliant, you’re not alone. Why haven’t more retailers converted, and what do consumers think when asked to swipe? Read more!