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Cumulus Retail Firearms POS

Cumulus Retail Solution

Cumulus Retail is a Cloud-based, mobile SaaS solution for your firearms operation with low monthly maintenance and little to no initial investment. With our Premier Version of Cumulus, we offer an option for local in-store POS redunancy keeping you within ATF Ruling 2016-1 requirements. Cumulus Retail offers real-time integration with iCumulus eCommerce and online range management, allowing pricing, promotions, and inventory to be consistent both in your store and online.

Cumulus Retail is a scalable solution and includes serial number tracking, acquisition and disposition for firearm sales, range management, membership management with photo ID card printing and integrations with both iTouch e4473 and Smartwaiver.  

Point of Sale

Electronic A&D

Inventory Management

Vendor Integrations – catalog imports & drop shipping

Range Management

Membership Management

Integrated e4473

In addition to Celerant’s Electronic A&D and compliance management software, its new partnerships with iTouch e4473 and Smartwaiver now bring electronic 4473 and digital waiver management to its clients. These technologies digitize forms that are required by law, reducing mistakes and enabling simple search and retrieval of any document on demand.

Merge Your Online and Store Operations

Run your brick-and-mortar and online operations as one.  Allow customers to buy online and opt to have the order shipped or hold for store pickup.  Online orders can be returned in-store, with inventory levels updated in real-time and immediately reflected amongst all channels.

Membership Management

Manage your customers in a centralized database.  Membership management allows you to create clubs, print ID cards, sell or renew memberships, view your customers’ information and transaction history and more.  Customers can accumulate and track loyalty reward points from all channels that can be redeemed in-store and online.

Integrated Coupons and Promotions 

Update your product pricing and promotions from one source that reflects immediately on all of your channels.  Generate physical integrated coupons that can be sent to work on your eCommerce site with a single click.

Integrated Gift Cards

Offer your customers gift cards that they can purchase from your store or from your eCommerce site.  Gift cards can be redeemed in-store or online with real-time balance information.

Online Range Reservations

Celerant offers the leading innovative firearm solution for FFL dealers.  Allow your customers to view your nearest locations and view open reservations to schedule a course or book an open lane directly from your website.

Channel Integrations

Integrate directly with to manage your auctions from a central location.

Vendor Management

Integrations with AcuSport and Sports South allow you to import products via vendor inventory feeds.  Leverage their stock as your own, while they drop ship online orders for you.

Digital Marketing

Take advantage of Celerant’s integrated email automation, abandoned cart recovery, and SEO tools to boost your customer loyalty and drive more traffic to your Brick-and-mortar and online channels.

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