Cumulus Retail Recognized as a ‘5 Star Point of Sale’

Cumulus Retail Recognized as a ‘5 Star Point of Sale’

Cumulus Retail Recognized as a ‘5 Star Point of Sale’

CPA Practice Advisor Reviews the Top Retail POS Systems on the Market

Westminster, CA (September 12, 2018) – Cumulus Retail, a leading SaaS point of sale and eCommerce solution, was recognized as a 5-Star POS by the CPA Practice Advisor in their 2018 Point of Sale Reviews . The review stated that Cumulus is a “cloud-based point of sale application that is ideally suited for small to mid-sized niche retail businesses including apparel, footwear, gift and specialty stores, museum shops, and other vertical retail markets.”
Cumulus Retail - 5-Star Point of Sale - CPA Practice Advisor - 2018

The 2018 POS Review describes Cumulus Retail as being “scalable”, with “excellent customer management” and “inventory management capabilities, allowing retailers to manage inventory levels for all locations, including online and in-store.” Cumulus Retail also offers “excellent reporting, with a series of pre-defined reports available for quick access, or users can utilize the Report Designer to design custom reports,” described on The CPA Practice Advisor.

It is an honor that our retail platform has been recognized two years in a row by the CPA Advisor. CAM Commerce has supported the small to mid-sized retailers for decades with our RetailSTAR platform, which has also been recognized as ‘5-Star POS’. Now with our newest Cloud-based, SaaS retail software, we are able to provide retailers with 35 years of retail experience with the latest retail technology and innovation.

Ian Goldman, CEO of CAM Commerce, a subsidiary of Celerant Technology
CPA Advisor highlighted many features of Cumulus Retail including “mobile apps available for its point of sale, eCommerce and inventory modules, and its integration with QuickBooks Online.” The eCommerce package, iCumulus, can be added onto the POS so that a retailer’s store and web can operate as one. With two options available, iCumulus is priced affordably and with little-to-no initial investment, making it accessible for the smaller merchant.
Cumulus Retail is “a great point of sale solution for small to mid-sized retail businesses,” stated Mary Girsh-Bock, contributing writer for CPA Advisor. As the merchant grows their business, they can choose to add on additional functionality or upgrade to a compatible enterprise system.
About CAM Commerce Solutions
CAM Commerce, founded in 1983, develops, markets, installs and services highly integrated Point of Sale, ERP and Payment Processing solutions for small to medium-size merchants as well as specialty markets. These integrated solutions include: POS, inventory management, eCommerce, gift cards, customer loyalty, and extensive reporting. In 2012, Celerant Technology, a privately held Corporation, providing seamless multi-channel solutions to retailers across all industries, merged with CAM Commerce. As a mid-market retail system leader, Celerant provides solutions to continually accelerate retail growth through innovative technology. As a result of this partnership, CAM Commerce offers Cumulus Retail, an easy-to-use and flexible, Cloud-based, SaaS solution. For more information, visit

About CPA Practice Advisor
CPA Practice Advisor’s mission is to serve, inform, educate and lead tax and accounting professionals in the areas of technology, workflow systems and best practices so their firms can become more efficient, productive and profitable. Every year, CPA Practice Advisor compares and reviews POS technologies, following a 1-5 Star format, with 5 stars representing the top ranking. The review consists of 10 retail systems including: Cumulus Retail, Stratus Retail by Celerant TechnologyRetailSTAR and others. For more information, please visit .

United Sporting Companies Partners With Celerant Technology To Streamline Replenishment And Continue CLX To AcuSport Dealers

United Sporting Companies Partners With Celerant Technology To Streamline Replenishment And Continue CLX To AcuSport Dealers

United Sporting Companies™ Partners With Celerant Technology™ To Streamline Replenishment And Continue CLX To AcuSport Dealers

New integration enables Celerant clients to import product catalogs and automate purchase orders to Ellett Brothers, Jerry’s Sport Center & AcuSport

blog- United Sporting Co. Partners with Celerant Technology to Streamline Replenishment and Continue CLX to AcuSport DealersStaten Island, NY (July 18, 2018) –Today, Celerant Technology, a leading provider of innovative retail solutions for both small and enterprise firearm retailers, announced its partnership with United Sporting Companies (USC), a leading distributor of hunting, shooting and marine sports products. The two companies have been working together for some time to launch this new integration, enabling firearm dealers to more effectively operate their businesses by eliminating manual product entry and order replenishment. This partnership allows Dealers to focus on selling product to their customers while Celerant and United Sporting Companies work behind the scenes to expand CLX even further and allow for a seamless transition.

Integration for both Mom-and-Pop and Enterprise Dealers
Offering retail software solutions to both the mom-and-pop gun shops and the more advanced firearm enterprises, Celerant’s new integration to USC is offered in both of their retail systems. The Cumulus Retail platform, designed for the smaller dealers, and the Stratus Retail platform, designed for the larger merchants, allow dealers to import product catalogs and automate purchase orders from all of the United Sporting Companies brands- Ellett Brothers, Jerry’s Sport Center and USC’s newest addition, AcuSport. The Celerant team has supported the AcuSport CLX (Customer Link Exchange) base for several years, providing the full integration which United Sporting Companies is eager to continue and expand upon.

“United Sporting Companies is committed to providing continued support to existing CLX Dealers as well as offering the opportunity of becoming a CLX Dealer to many others as this is an advanced and dynamic platform that will continue to move our industry forward. We are excited to partner with Celerant in this process because we know our Dealers will benefit from the convenience of CLX to seamlessly replenish their stock and allow them more time to service their customers.” said Brad Johnson, CEO and Chairman of United Sporting Companies

Automated Inventory Replenishment, ‘Just in Time’
Firearm dealers using either Celerant retail system can reduce manual entry, save time, minimize errors and replenish inventory ‘just in time’ as a result of this integration. After simply browsing USC’s online catalogs, dealers can select which products they want to sell, easily import them into their Celerant POS database, pre-set their required minimum and maximum inventory levels within the system, and enable automated purchase orders based on those inventory thresholds. United Sporting Companies then sends electronic acknowledgements back to the dealer’s Celerant system, as well as advanced ship notices, providing full visibility to the dealer.

“Our goal is to bring innovation to the firearms space and help dealers operate their businesses more efficiently through technology. Our partnership with United Sporting Companies enables us to streamline the ordering process for the dealers and simplify their processes,” stated Celerant Technology’s CEO and President, Ian Goldman. “We partnered with AcuSport a few years ago and automated the replenishment process for over 50 dealers and were on track for many more to come. We are pleased to have the opportunity to continue to support these dealers, as well bring this innovation to the Ellet Brothers and Jerry’s Sport Center buyers.”

To learn more about Celerant’s integration with United Sporting Companies, visit:

Zanders Partners With Celerant to Automate Purchasing Orders and Drop Shipping

Zanders Partners With Celerant to Automate Purchasing Orders and Drop Shipping

Zanders Partners with Celerant to Automate Purchasing Orders and Drop Shipping

SPARTA, IL – Zanders Sporting Goods, a national distributor located in Sparta, Illinois, announces its integration partnership with Celerant Technology. This integration allows FFL dealers to gain direct access to Zanders’ retail products and distribution services to streamline their inventory supply chain, for both in-store and online sales. Through this integration, dealers can access Zanders’ entire online catalog of over 40,000 products, select the products they want to sell, and import the data into Celerant’s point of sale database.

Zanders Logo

By setting minimum/maximum inventory thresholds within Celerant’s retail system, purchase orders are automatically created, reviewed and sent electronically to Zanders when inventory is low. In return, Zanders sends a digital order acknowledgement and an advanced shipment notice (ASN) detailing information about a pending order prior to delivery.
One of the biggest demands we hear from our customers is the need for an affordable and scalable technology solution. That’s why we are thrilled to be partnering with Celerant Technology. Celerant offers an all-encompassing, turn-key solution that is ideal for small and mid-market retailers with limited technology resources. From a point of sale system to an eCommerce presence Celerant has it covered with their enterprise class technology.” Stefanie Zanders, Vice President and COO, Zanders Sporting Goods
We are excited to partner with Zanders to offer seamless integration with a leading distributor of sporting goods. Zanders is not only well-known for their commitment to firearm retailers, they are a family-operated business much like our company. Bringing together our innovative technologies and cultures with the Zanders’ family will promote business growth and efficiency for our clients and their customer base of over 32,000 active dealers.” Ian Goldman, CEO, Celerant Technology/CAM Commerce
New Integration with RSR Group Streamlines Firearm Retail

New Integration with RSR Group Streamlines Firearm Retail

New Integration with RSR Group Streamlines Firearm Retail

Latest integration with leading shooting sports distributor provides FFL dealers with innovative technology to sell products more by doing less

Blog - Cumulus vendor integration with RSR GroupStaten Island, NY (October 17, 2017) – Today, Celerant Technology, a leading provider of innovative retail solutions for the firearms industry, announced its integration with RSR Group, a leading distributor of firearms and shooting sports accessories. This integration enables FFL retailers to streamline their inventory supply chain, for both in-store and online sales.

Celerant Technology’s integration with RSR Group is available through Stratus Retail and Cumulus Retail. Cumulus Retail is a new Cloud-based, SaaS solution for FFL retailers with low monthly maintenance; it is the starter package for Celerant’s enterprise system, Stratus Retail. Through this integration, dealers can easily import RSR Group’s product catalog into their Celerant POS and automate purchase orders for replenishment based on their minimum/maximum inventory levels. Dealers can then offer broader product lines on their eCommerce sites, without stocking the inventory, by populating RSR’s available inventory on their sites, pulling product descriptions and images. Orders are then automatically sent to RSR for fulfillment and drop shipping.

“We are excited to partner with Celerant Technology to provide our dealers with a proven Point of Sale system,” commented JoAnn Weisenford, RSR Group’s President, and CEO. “Their comprehensive and innovative retail system designed specifically for the firearms industry will provide our dealers with the tools and efficiencies needed to successfully manage their store, range and online presence.”

Firearms dealers using Celerant’s retail systems can take advantage of this integration for their store and/or eCommerce.  For brick and mortar, selected RSR product data is imported electronically to build the dealers’ POS database, with automated purchase orders followed by acknowledgements back from RSR- all within the Celerant system. The online integration includes vendor feeds from RSR which are displayed on the dealers own website, and are available for drop shipping directly to customers.

“Our partnership with RSR Group brings great value to the firearms industry, and with our introduction of Cumulus Retail to the market- Celerant can now cater to both the small and larger dealers,” said Ian Goldman, CEO of Celerant Technology. “Integrating our retail software with RSR allows dealers of any size to automate once manual processes and save time when entering products and creating purchase orders for replenishment. Through our drop shipping integration, dealers now can sell more products by better leveraging the abundant resources made available to them by their distributors.”

For more information on Celerant’s new integration with RSR Group, visit:

Gaming Retailer Goes Live With Cumulus Retail POS To Streamline Operations

Gaming Retailer Goes Live With Cumulus Retail POS To Streamline Operations

Gaming Retailer Goes Live With Cumulus Retail POS To Streamline Operations

CAM Commerce announces gaming and hobby retailer to upgrade their POS and eCommerce to Cumulus Retail

Blog - 1st Cumulus Go-LiveFountain Valley, CA (October 11, 2017) – CAM Commerce, a subsidiary of Celerant Technology and a leading provider of omnichannel retail solutions, today announced that Heroic Knight Games, went live with the Cumulus Retail POS platform. Heroic Knights, a long-term customer of CAM Commerce, is a gaming and hobby retailer.

CAM Commerce, which has a nearly 35-year proven track record, developed Cumulus Retail to offer small-to-mid sized retailers advanced features at affordable SaaS pricing, enabling them to compete with larger retailers. Cumulus simplifies complex processes and improves efficiency by integrating POS, eCommerce and third-party marketplaces into a single retail platform that can be accessed on the web from any mobile device.

Unlike most Cloud software, Cumulus Retail is ‘Always On’, allowing retailers to continue ringing sales and access all POS functions including pricing, promotions, sales and customers – even when the internet goes down. With its integrated eCommerce, iCumulus, retailers can operate their store and web as one, ensuring inventory, gift cards, loyalty rewards and promotions are consistent in-store and online. With drag-and-drop editing tools, new web pages can be easily created without the need of a web developer.

The retail industry is gravitating towards intuitive, Cloud-based POS and retail systems with little to no upfront investment and affordable SaaS subscriptions”, said Ian Goldman, CEO of CAM Commerce, a subsidiary of Celerant Technology. “What differentiates Cumulus Retail is the experience and maturity of our company; our understanding of retail, combined with our advanced technology such as ‘Always On’ POS, integrated eCommerce and drop shipping. We empower smaller merchants to more effectively manage their brick and mortar stores and online sales including marketplace integrations such as Amazon or Walmart, digital marketing and more.  Perhaps our biggest differentiator is our Enterprise system upgrade which doesn’t require a data conversion.  Our goal is to support our clients’ long-term success; Cumulus Retail is the foundation for that success.”

Cumulus Retail offers three levels to choose from, and a seamless upgrade path to an Enterprise system, to support the growth of its clients. In addition, CAM Commerce developed innovative add-ons, online marketplace integrations (Amazon, Walmart, eBay, etc) and offers a fully-integrated digital marketing platform for email automation to help retailers promote their business and boost sales. The email marketing tool uses real-time CRM and sales data from the store and website to personalize and automate email campaigns based on shoppers’ buying patterns and brand preferences.

Here at Heroic Knight Games we had been using RetailSTAR, by CAM Commerce, since we opened in March 2014, and it was a solid and reliable POS platform, but we were ready to move to an ‘on-demand software’”, stated Paul Sewell, Owner of Heroic Knight Games. “I researched several other alternatives, but the Cumulus Retail system really stood out, plus we have always received a very high quality of support and service. The CAM Team converted our sales, customer and product data, performed live training sessions and provided us with a vast array of short training videos for my staffs’ future reference. John Avery, who is one of the Customer Care Project Managers, and Tandy Trujillo, who is one of the Implementation Managers, were assigned to my onboarding process, and have been invaluable in making our transition process as smooth as possible. We already see improved efficiencies in my store even after only being live for a couple of weeks and I look forward to a partnership for years to come.”

RetailSTAR And Cumulus Retail Receive CPA Advisor 5-Star POS Rating

RetailSTAR And Cumulus Retail Receive CPA Advisor 5-Star POS Rating

RetailSTAR And Cumulus Retail Receive CPA Advisor 5-Star POS Rating

Cumulus Retail and RetailSTAR point of sale receive highest honors

Cumulus CPA Practice Advisor 5 StarsFountain Valley, CA (September 19, 2017) – CAM Commerce, a subsidiary of Celerant Technology, received two five-star ratings from the CPA Practice Advisor; RetailSTAR CAM Commerce’s flagship product, and new to the list is CAM’s latest Cloud-based SaaS platform, Cumulus Retail. CPA Practice Advisor completes extensive research and review of multiple retail software platforms and the star system is intended to provide product reviews to retailers to help them make informed technology decisions.

RetailSTAR earned high praise for its point of sale, inventory management, eCommerce platform, CRM in-depth reporting, real-time capabilities, and more. While Cumulus Retail, CAM Commerce’s latest Cloud retail system received high marks for features such Point of Sale, eCommerce, inventory management, marketplace integrations, social media applications and more.

We are honored to be recognized year after year for our RetailSTAR platform and for our newest Cumulus Retail system to be included with such high ratings for not only point of sale and store operations, but for bringing in online operations such as integrated eCommerce, marketplace integrations and digital marketing,” said Ian Goldman, CEO of CAM Commerce Solutions, a subsidiary of Celerant Technology. “Our mission is to bring innovative technology to the smaller merchants, so they can more effectively compete with big box retailers. Our 5 star ratings for our software platforms speak to how well we are achieving this.

CPA Practice Advisor’s RetailSTAR review highlights how, “the product easily handles a variety of transaction types including regular POS transactions, customer data management, layaways, special orders, holds, purchasing and receiving, distribution warehouse management, work orders, and payment processing.” While “Cumulus Retail offers both product and inventory management capability, with users able to import products from a vendor catalog, assign product and department levels to each product and create product templates that expedite product entry.

With a long list of features included in the system, as well as the availability of three product versions, Cumulus offers an amazing array of features and functionality at a very affordable price. POS, eCommerce, and Inventory mobile apps are available as well… Cumulus Retail offers excellent reporting capabilities, with users able to access pre-defined reports or access the Report Designer function to create custom reports.

CAM Commerce, a subsidiary of Celerant Technology, continues to enhance the RetailSTAR platform, while dedicating a significant amount of resources to the latest SaaS retail platform, Cumulus Retail.

CAM Commerce Receives PCI QIR Certification For Retail Software

CAM Commerce Receives PCI QIR Certification For Retail Software

CAM Commerce Receives PCI QIR Certification For Retail Software

CAM Commerce ensures every POS implementation complies with PCI DSS Compliance Standards to protect against payment data breaches

PCI ComplianceStaten Island, NY (April 13, 2017)CAM Commerce, a subsidiary of Celerant Technology, is now certified as a PCI Qualified Integrator/Reseller (QIR). PCI requires that all POS implementations meet Payment Application Data Security Standard (PA-DSS) guidelines. As a QIR organization, CAM is authorized by PCI to implement, configure and support PA-DSS payment applications.

With this certification, CAM is responsible and able to ensure all POS installations and configurations are in compliance and validated with the new PA-DSS guidelines, required by PCI. The new PCI requirements mitigate small merchant breaches and reduce the risk of data theft. Any Level 4 merchant must use a PCI-certified QIR solution provider for their POS system.

CAM’s QIR-certified employees must verify that all PA-DSS guidelines are met. Some of the guidelines include: Ensuring that authentication data (i.e., pin numbers, CAV2, CID, CVC2, CVV2) is never stored after authorization; providing guidance to retailers regarding secure deletion of expired cardholder data; and implementing protection for payment applications using wireless technology. In addition, CAM is required to complete a Quality Assurance (QA) program and log a detailed record of every installation and configuration.

To become a QIR-certified organization, several CAM employees completed training on how to securely install, configure and maintain payment applications in compliance with PCI DSS. They also were required to pass the PCI QIR Exam, demonstrating their knowledge of secure PA-DSS installations.

For many SMB retailers maintaining PCI compliance can be a challenge. As their trusted software partner, our goal is to assist in the process however we can.” said Ian Goldman CEO CAM Commerce, a Subsidiary of Celerant Technology. “Our client’s data security is our top priority and our efforts to become QIR-certified helps protect that.

CAM Commerce is on the list of QIR companies, located on the Payment Card Industry (PCI) website.