Cumulus Retail Features


Cumulus Retail offers accounting features and QuickBooks™ integration accessible from your desktop or mobile device. These robust features enable retailers to streamline their entire operation. With real-time visibility across all retail channels and powerful accounting/HR tools, your company can make smarter, faster decisions.
Accounting in POS System

Accounting - Features

QuickBooks™ Payable Integration

Seamlessly integrate your financial data with QuickBooks payables. QuickBooks is a leading accounting software package developed by Intuit. Cumulus integrates with a retailer’s payables to show debts, loans and more.

QuickBooks™ Online General Ledger Integration

Cumulus also integrates with QuickBooks Online General Ledger. QuickBooks Online General Ledger is a complete record of all financial transactions over the life of the company. The General Ledger holds all the account information needed to prepare financial statements and gathers accounting data from all sub-ledgers. Cumulus allows retailers to manage all of their accounting needs in one place.

Accounts Receivable Payment

Cumulus allows retailers to accept accounts receivable payments in house. Meaning Cumulus can receive any type of payment method (cash, check, credit/debit card, Apple Pay, and more) from customers.

Accounts Receivable Adjustments Categories

Easily perform accounts receivable adjustments by their designated category. Once a category is defined and a payment is associated with that category the retailer can easily track the transactions associated with them both.

Print or Email Customer Account Receivable Statements

Print and/or email customer accounts receivable statements. Once a customer has paid either print or email a copy of the transaction to them or retailers can keep the information for themselves.

Apply Finance/Late Charges

Easily apply late charges or finance charges to a customer’s in-house accounts. If a customer is late on a payment or finance and charges need to be applied Cumulus allow retailers to easily monitor and add the necessary charges.

Customer Terms

Easily set up and monitor customer terms like Net 30. Customer terms can be added to a customer’s details and printed on a receipt. However, it cannot be used to calculate the amount due and when it is due.

On Account Charges at POS

Easily set-up in-house accounts for specific customers, this feature is great for customer loyalty. Once the account is set-up, retailers can track and monitor the account as needed.

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