Cumulus Retail Features


Cumulus Retail offers the tools you need to quickly and easily configure the system. Create user groups and assign roles to each group to tailor the way each employee should use the software.
Admin in POS System

Administrative - Features

Getting Started Wizard

The Getting Started Wizard is a quick and easy guide on how a retailer can set-up their Cumulus system. The Wizard is a step by step guide on getting a system up and running. The Wizard begins with the retailer entering their store information, sales tax data, tender options, gift cards, coupons, printer options, age restrictions, and goes from there.

System Configuration

Once the Getting Started Wizard is complete, System Configuration is the next step. The Systems Configuration allows retailers to make any future changes. This includes secondary store setup and much more.

User Entry/Edit

Easily edit or add any new employee to the system. When a retailer hires a new employee Cumulus can create a user profile in minutes. That profile will be recognized by all of the systems.

User Groups and Roles

Cumulus Retail provides the ability to group their employees, and assign system roles to each group.

Customize Payment Methods

Easily set-up customized payment methods and tenders. Depending on how a customer wants to pay, Cumulus can tailor to their specific needs.

Employee Punch Cards

The punch card feature allows employees to punch in/out, and tracks the duration of their breaks.

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