Cumulus Retail Features

Customer Management

Cumulus Retail’s CRM is integrated into the POS software so you can track real-time sales data from all channels (in-store, website, online marketplaces) in a single database. Leverage this data to better understand your customers’ shopping behavior, anticipate their future needs, and send personalized email campaigns and targeted promotions.

CRM in POS System

Customer Relationship Management - Features

Customer Import/Export

Easily import and export customer databases from a retailers system. This function is useful; when entering a new list of customers; marketing to a list of customers; or merging customers already in the database.

Customer Categories

Easily setup customer categories to group them. There are four category types retailers can choose from, and retailers can create multiple customer categories for each category type. This function is useful for organizing and managing customers and their wants and needs.

Customer Types

Customer types are mainly associated with team sales, retailers can search for and report on different types of customers. Once a customer type is created retailers have the ability to link that Customer Type to a GL Sales Group, which will determine which GL Sales Account, Cost of Goods Sold Account, and Discount Account will be affected when merchandise is sold to a specific customer.

Club Memberships with Discounts

Easily setup Club memberships with predetermined discounts. Depending on the level of club membership retailers assign them associated discounts. Club memberships are a great way of gaining valuable customer data and a recurring revenue stream.

Club membership with Points and Rewards

Part of the club membership cards is its ability to track points and rewards that customers have earned. Cumulus will also display the rewards the customer could potentially purchase.

Club ID Card Printing with Photo

Cumulus club photo ID card printing allows retailers to snap a picture of the customer, input the customer information (name, email, address, etc.) and print the card all within seconds of the customer asking for the ID.

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