Cumulus Retail Features


Cumulus Retail POS platform offers a comprehensive fulfillment module with integrated shipping/tracking tools. Retailers can manage orders in real-time across all retail channels in a single place to reduce costs and time associated with fulfilling orders, and improve delivery speed and accuracy.

Order Fulfillment in POS System

Fulfillment - Features

Perform and Track Shipments

Track non-customer facing shipments of merchandise. Retailers can know exactly where their shipments are when they are going to arrive, and the quantity of the shipment. This feature helps retailers manage and plan their shipments.

Shipping Methods

Retailers can ship directly from their warehouse using integrated shipping tools. Cumulus is integrated with the major carriers like UPS, FedEx, and USPS – allowing retailers to pack shipments and print shipping labels one step.

Shipping Rates

Easily overnight, 2-day ship, or ground ship depending on the customer’s needs. Cumulus also provides customers with the optimal shipping routes, so they can see which route would be the most cost effective.

Picking Tickets

Print pick tickets for merchandisers to pull and ship. The pick tickets are printed alongside their shipping labels and on a shipping label sheets so nothing gets lost in during this process.

Best Store Fulfillment

Cumulus automatically selects the “best” store to ship from based on a retailer’s priorities and preferences such as location, stock levels, weeks of supply, planned promotions, projected sales, staffing and pickup frequency. The retailer can also allow or prevent partial shipments, and rotate stores to prevent over-utilizing their staff and inventory.

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