Inventory Management

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Inventory Management

Using Cumulus Retail’s inventory management, retailers can operate more efficiently. Keep track of stock levels, allow auto replenishment, and get real-time reporting to help transfer merchandise to the stores that need it most – all within a single system.

Inventory Management - features

Inventory Adjustments

View real-time inventory feeds, which provide product level links based on the retailer’s available inventory. Retailers can easily see and adjust the amount of inventory they have on hand and give a reason for the adjustment.

Inventory Movement Tracking List

Keep track of inventory at multiple levels of the hierarchy without the need to enter data multiple times. Cumulus allows for real-time visibility of inventory across all stores and warehouses.

Inter-Store Transfers

Easily and quickly transfer merchandise from one store to another. If a retailer has more than one location, and one of those locations is running low on a specific product inter-store transfers can be done.

Inventory Adjustment Category

Inventory adjustment categories in Cumulus are reasons why a product was transferred. Predefined transfer categories include; inventory leveling, stock out, specific product requests and more.

Cycle Counts

The cycle counts feature is designed to take the stress out of counting merchandise. Easily count merchandise by department or category during the year, rather than counting it all at the end of the year which can be stressful and inaccurate.

Physical Inventory

Compare physical inventory counts to on hand counts. Physically counting and recording inventory levels is both tedious and introduces the opportunity for human error this feature eliminates the chances of that error occurring.

Auto Replenishment

Retailers can replenish their inventory based on preset minimum and maximum values. Cumulus will send automated product orders (PO’s) based on what the retailer has in stock. The retailer’s vendor will then fulfill order accordingly.

Serial Numbers

Every product that has a serial number is tracked in Cumulus’ system. Cumulus provides retailers with the ability to track who bought the product, when they bought a particular product, and where the product is purchased.

Acquisition/Disposition Tracking for Serial Numbers

Cumulus’ acquisition and disposition tracking of serial numbers allows firearm dealers to track the firearms they have sold. This feature is key for firearms reporting and tracking.

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