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POS Management

Cumulus Retail is an intuitive cloud-based POS system that makes ringing sales and training your staff so simple. Our solution offers extensive pricing, customer loyalty, employee management and inventory control features. The flexibility of our POS software enables retailers to customize screens to meet their specific business requirements.

POS Management in Retail Software

POS Management - Features

Scan/Enter Barcodes and UPC’s

Scan or manually enter barcodes for essential sales functions from the register or on-the-go. If a customer needs a price check on a product or wants to purchase a product, easily scan or manually enter in the barcode(s).

Multi-Select Product Search

Search for multiple products based on style, brand, keywords, descriptions and more while the POS transaction is up and running. Cumulus has the ability to find multiple products in seconds.

Quick-Select Item Menu

Preset products on the Cumulus POS dashboard. To add products to this menu a retailer must go into their products listing and selects the desired products for the menu. The products will automatically appear on their POS products home screen.

Line Item Price Changes

Change the price of an item either by dollar, percentage or set a new price. Retailers can change the price of one or several products in the transaction and have the option to attach a reason code for the price change.

Enter Line Item Notes

Add a comment or note to a product. Create a comment by selecting the line item, and then clicking the notes button. Click edit and enter the note(s). This function is perfect for missing barcodes or UPCs, damaged or mislabeled products and more.

Scan or Enter Serial Numbers

Scan or manually enter serialized items into Cumulus. This function can be done from a register or on-the-go.

Transaction Discount

Apply discounts to a product(s) on a transaction. The discount can be applied to a certain product in a transaction or the entire transaction. Retailers also have the ability to assign a reason for the discount.

Preset Comments

Create preset comments and notes which can be added to a transaction. To create a preset comment(s) go to the notes section in the POS system, create the comment/note and add it to the preset menu. The note(s) will automatically appear on their POS products home screen.

Apply Shipping to a Sale

Apply shipping charges directly to a transaction. The total of the transaction can change depending on the shipping address and the type of product.

Add, Find and View Customers at POS

Add, find, and view customer information from the POS system. There are multiple ways a customer can be entered into Cumulus’ POS system. When a customer is entered, Cumulus will automatically populate the shipping information if needed.

View Customer’s Store Credit

View and select customers with outstanding store credit. If a customer has an outstanding credit Cumulus provides the retailer with the following information name, address, the amount of credit due, when the credit is due, what the credit for, and more.

Driver’s License Swipe

Scan or swipe customer’s driver’s licenses to locate or create customer records. This function helps retailers keep customer logs up-to-date and ensures the checkout process is quick and easy.

Track Zip Codes at POS without a Customer

Track customer orders through zip codes. When a customer inputs their information or swipes their driver’s license their zip code will automatically populate in Cumulus’ database for tracking purposes.

Cash Pickup

Minimize the amount of cash in the cash drawer. Monitor the amount of cash in the register, when the register has a certain amount of money a manager can remove it for security purposes. Cumulus will monitor the amount of cash is the register, the amount removed from the register and more.

Closeout Cash Drawer

Close out registers by entering cash denominations of 100’s, 50’s, 20’s, 10’s, 5’s, 2’s, Quarters, Dimes, Nickels and Pennies. Sales managers can also enter in other tender types like on account transactions and credit cards. The system tracks when the drawer is opened, starting cash, and total end of day actual cash.

Petty Cash Payout

Cumulus allows for petty cash payouts from a register. Cumulus records the employee receiving the petty cash, the register it is taken out of, the date and time, the amount, and any comments that are associated.

Open register drawer with no sale

Open the register drawer when no sales have been made. Retailers can manage the amount of cash in the register, add more cash to the register, and remove cash as needed.

Track sales by associate

If you pay commission, Cumulus Retail can track sales by Sales Associate at the point of sale. Retailers can track the associate who worked with the customer and processed the transaction, including up-selling and cross-selling. You can also calculate split commissions if multiple employees worked on the same sale.

Substitute Items

Offered at the POS, a customer has the option of purchasing a substitute item if the desired product is not in stock.

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