POS Transactions

Cumulus Retail Features

POS Transactions

Cumulus Retail is the most flexible, powerful and advanced retail system on the market offering retailers everything they need to access and process POS transactions.

Vendor Transactions in POS System



Gain a high-degree of operational awareness at store level through price-optimization, customer satisfaction, employee management and tight inventory-control. POS transactions are completed and made available throughout the enterprise in real-time. With a flexible system and payment processing options, retailers can use multiple business models and customized screens to meet their individual requirements.

Hold and Recall Hold

Sales clerks have the ability to start a transaction and suspend or hold it to be recalled and completed at another time. Should a customer need to step away from the cash register before completing the transaction, the sales clerk can hold the order putting the sale on a “temporary” hold until the end of the day.


Cumulus returns function is designed to be quick and easy. Customers that are returning an item can view all of their past purchases and choose which item(s) they want to return. Once the item(s) is returned the sales clerk can determine how the customer is reimbursed (cash, store credit, gift cards, etc.).

Customer Quotes

Create customer quotes that are either rung up immediately or saved and recalled at another time. Cumulus provides retailers with the ability to search for a quote based on; employee, customer, date range, and more.

Integrated Gift Cards

Increase sales by allowing interchangeable gift cards to be purchased and redeemed online, as well as in stores.

Refund Gift Card Balance

Refund gift cards through Cumulus’ fully integrated system. Once a gift card is scanned or entered into the system the customer will receive their refund.


Place transactions on layaway which can be paid off in installments. Cumulus takes layaway payments by receipt number or customer name and tracks how many payments are left when the payments are due and much more.

Partial Layaway Pickup

Cumulus also allows for partial layaway pickups. Once a product is paid in full within a layaway transaction the customer can pick up that particular product while the retailer keeps the remaining items until the rest of the order is paid for.

Price Check

Check the price of a product by scanning or entering the barcode of the product. Once the item is scanned Cumulus will show the: price, brand, style, description, attributes, sizes, and QOH. If the barcode is scanned and not identified in inventory, it will inform the sales clerks the “Item Not Found.”

Gift Receipts

Print gift receipts that are not tied to any specific item, price, or payment information. This feature is useful during the holiday season and makes returning gifts a quick and easy process that does not inconvenience the gift giver.

Special Orders

Special orders are created at the Point of Sale. This specific type of transaction is used for items not generally kept in stock, especially those ordered by you from your vendor for a particular customer.

Accept Accounts Receivable Payments

Easily and quickly accept accounts receivable payments in-house. Cumulus can receive most types of payment methods (cash, check, credit/debit card, Apple Pay, and more).

Reprint Last Receipts

Easily print a copy of the receipt from the last transaction. If a customer loses their receipt, and their transaction is the last one on the register reprint it.

Lane/Reservation Management

Manage all aspects of your range with Cumulus Retail. Create reservations, check in customers, assign specific ranges or lanes, offer memberships, define any required waivers, scan driver’s licenses, accept all major forms of payment, and split sales for groups.

Class & Course Scheduling

Offer classes and courses to your customers. Easily allocate the necessary resources for each class (e.g., equipment, lanes, training rooms, instructors). Check-in students, assign students to specific sessions, and track which courses have been completed – all at the POS.

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