Pricing and Promotions

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Pricing & Promotions

Cumulus Retail’s POS solution offers the most comprehensive tool set for your pricing and promotional strategy. Fulfill all of your customers’ needs directly on the POS screen. Set specific requirements for coupon and gift card redemption, plan temporary promotions, schedule markdowns, perform price checks, and more.

Pricing Management in POS System

Pricing & Promotions - Features

Customer Pricing

Set the price of a product based on consumer or seasonal demand, and other factors. Retailers have complete control on how much they would like to charge for their products and Cumulus makes this process quick and easy.


Create and accept coupons from any POS system. With Cumulus, you can create coupon codes which are used to give customers discounts without tying them to any specific store location. Using coupons not only retains customers through incentives and promotions but also gains valuable customer data.

Permanent Markdowns

Permanently markdown merchandise. Once a product is marked down Cumulus has a scheduling mechanism that automatically updates the SKU.

Term Sales (Temporary Markdowns)

Temporarily markdown merchandise. Cumulus has a scheduling mechanism that automatically updates the SKU for a certain period of time. Once that time period has ended Cumulus automatically updates the markdown.

With multiple versions and an upgrade path to compatible enterprise system,
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