Product Management

Cumulus Retail Features

Product Management

Easily create and modify products to update your Point of Sale and and eCommerce site. Cumulus Retail offers the most advanced product features including vendor catalog imports, tag printing and 3-dimensional size/color matrix for apparel/footwear retailers.

Product Management in POS System

Product Management - Features

Create and Modify Products on Screen

Create and modify product information in the Cumulus database from a POS screen. This function is useful for tracking sales and inventory of products.

Import New and Modified Products from a File

Enter new and existing products into the Cumulus database. Cumulus seamlessly integrates with a retailer’s systems and once the integration is complete, Cumulus automatically imports the products from the old system.

Vendor Catalog Imports

Browse vendor catalogs and select the items to sell. Retailers can import the items into their Cumulus database, including product descriptions and images. Update against vendor catalogs at customized intervals to ensure the newest products make it to your store shelves, faster.

Change Prices

Change the price products either by dollar, percentage, or set a new price. Whether the price change is to a well-known product or to a recently released product, retailers have the ability to change product prices quickly and easily.

Bulk Changes for Products

Simultaneously modify multiple products and their variation in Cumulus’ system. To do this the retailers selects the product(s) they would like to modify. Once the product(s) are selected the edit products function will appear and the retailer can make the necessary changes.

Multi-Store Tracking

Track inventory and sales across multiple stores. This feature provides retailers with real-time visibility of their inventory across all stores and warehouses. Retailers have the ability to see which of their stores need more inventory, which products are selling the fastest, and much more.

Product and Department Category Levels

Easily assign products and departments category levels. A products category level is a label for the inventory in the POS system. When the inventory is received the retailer will assign it a category level which helps them organize, manage, and off-load their inventory.

Customizable Product Categories

Easily customize product categories. Cumulus provides retailers with the ability to create product categories, which help sort the products when they are received. Product categories can be tailored to fit the specific needs of the retailer.

Size and Color Matrix

The size and color matrix allows retailers to have products and colors in a matrix format. The size and color matrix displays the products in a tabular format, allowing for easy selection of multiple similar products during a transaction.

Predefine Color Pick Lists

The color pick lists provide retailers with the ability to create and use pre-defined color definitions. These definitions can be added to the products descriptions, which help organize and manage products.

Tag Printing

Print tags for merchandise and include the pricing and barcodes. Quickly and easily label inventory as it arrives or if a price tag falls off create a new label at the touch of a button.

eCommerce ready fields

Cumulus has built-in product definitions, which make eCommerce integrations quick and easy. The product definitions are created by the retailer and are easily adjustable. Once the definitions are in, the system can recognize the different product codes and adjust accordingly.

Restrict Time of Day a Product Can be Sold

Prevent certain products from being sold on particular days or during specific hours of the day. The retailer has complete control over this function and can determine if/when a restriction is needed.

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