Resource Management

Cumulus Retail Features

Resources, Rentals, Repairs

Cumulus Retail allows retailers to schedule courses, register students, track which courses have been completed and provide online reservations. Additionally, you can schedule and allocate resources for each course, and accept payment in-store and online. You can also create and manage rentals and repairs.
Resource Management in POS System

Resources, Rentals, Repairs - Features

Lane Management/Reservations

Easily manage and monitor lane reservations and bookings. Through Cumulus, customers have the ability to create, check-in, and cancel reservations, pick lanes and more. This feature is directed mainly towards firearms retailers.

Resource Management

Retailers can also manage their lane reservations by grouping them together within the system. Retailers have the ability to group certain customers together based on certain characteristics or specific requests.

Track Waivers for Range

Easily track and manage customer’s waivers through Cumulus. Cumulus allows retailers to create a waiver, look at the customer record and add a waiver if needed, and much more. Cumulus will streamline a retailer’s range.

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