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Resources, Rentals, Repairs

Cumulus Retail allows retailers to schedule courses, register students, track which courses have been completed and provide online reservations. Additionally, you can schedule and allocate resources for each course, and accept payment in-store and online. You can also create and manage rentals and repairs
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Resources, Rentals, Repairs - COMPARE VERSIONS


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Resources: Lane Management & Reservations

Resources: Track Waivers for Range

*Work Orders: Work Order/Repair Order Job Types

*Work Orders: Apply Multiple Items to Work Orders

*Work Orders: Multiple Jobs per Work Order

*Work Orders: Add Items from Customer History or Inventory

*Work Orders: Track Sending Items to 3rd-Party

*Work Orders: Send Items to Different Store Location

*Work Orders: Add Comments to Work Orders

*Work Orders: Add Separate Comments for Each Job

*Work Orders: Assign Technician to Each Job & Update Job Status

*Work Orders: Create Estimates & Convert to Work Order

Rentals: Define Minimum Customer Info Needed for Rentals

Rentals: Designate Products Available for Rental

Rentals: Set Default Fees for Rentals (EOD, Hourly, Daily, Weekly, Monthly)

Rentals: Calendar View for Tracking Rental Status

Rentals: DIN Table Management & Import for Ski Equipment based on Skier Type, Weight & Height

Rentals: Track & Use Customer Boot Length for Ski Rentals


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Lane Management/Reservations

Resource Management

Track Waivers for Range

Features with * indicate extra fees may apply.