iCumulus eCommerce


iCumulus eCommerce

iCumulus is an advanced eCommerce solution for small-to-mid size retailers. With integration into Cumulus’ POS, you can operate your store and web as one- with cross-channel products, pricing and promotions.

Launching a website with a modern design responsive to any mobile device is easy with iCumulus eCommerce. Integrated seamlessly into Cumulus POS, small to mid-sized

iCumulus eCommerce provides CRM and product management tools to help you easily manage your retail stores, website, and online marketplaces within one platform. With real-time

iCumulus is an eCommerce solution that integrates with Cumulus Retail’s point of Sale software so you can manage your store and web as one. Online

Cumulus Retail is a POS system designed for small to medium business retailers. iCumulus eCommerce provides fully-integrated digital marketing tools and services to help increase

Cumulus Retail provides order fulfillment, shipping/tracking tools, and third-party shipping integrations for your retail and online business. Gain real-time visibility of inventory across retail stores

iCumulus integrated eCommerce for retailers integrates with online marketplaces, social media, email marketing, payment processing and shipping options. We have partnered with the service providers

iCumulus eCommerce cloud based POS system offers complete hosting, security, storage and support for your custom website– all included within your low monthly plan. The