Design and Manage Site


Design & Management

Launching a website with a modern design responsive to any mobile device is easy with iCumulus eCommerce. Integrated seamlessly into Cumulus POS, small to mid-sized retailers can operate their store(s) and website as one. Products can be easily added to the website, with a few clicks from within the POS, and new web pages can be created in minutes with an easy-to-use, drag-and-drop editing tool. Manual order entry is eliminated since orders flow through the Cumulus Retail system with ease, directly from the iCumulus website.



Admin Accounts

Easily create administrative accounts. iCumulus does not limit the number of administrators retailers can have. Once a login is created, administrators have access to the system and can start making sales

Admin Roles and Granular Permissions

Once an admin is created assign them a role and granular permissions. Granular permissions depend on whether the clearance of the admin and they types of restrictions the retailer wants to apply.

Professional Templates

Choose from a number of professional templates for your iCumulus system. These templates are meant to enhance the design/look of the system, while helping retailers look more professional.

Responsive Design

iCumulus’ responsive design is meant to fit the needs of the retailer’s consumer. This feature detects visitor’s screen size and orientation and change the layout accordingly. No matter if the retailers is looking at their POS system on a smartphone, tablet, or desktop the design will adjust.

Create Your Own Banner (Add Header/Side Images)

Easily create banners, and add headers and side images as needed. iCumulus is a fully customizable system which allows retailers to put their own personal touches on it.

Dynamic Navigation Bar

Efficiently browse through the site with the dynamic navigational tool bar that is cross browser compatible.

Category Page Featured Item Flag

Manage and maintain featured items on your product landing pages. These can vary from landing page to landing page.

Embedded Videos

Easily embed videos on your iCumulus system. Add training or instructional videos to the system for employees to easily access and use.

Basic reporting

Cumulus provides retailers with several in-depth reporting features. Reports include advertisement effectiveness reports, monthly activity reports, management overview reports and many more. You also have the ability to create user-defined reports, which can be tailored to your exact needs.

Google Analytics Tracking

Take advantage of Google Analytics by having Celerant implement the appropriate Google Analytic Tracking tools and filters. These tools provide you with valuable insights into how long customers are staying on your site, where they are visiting, the pages that are getting the most attention, and more.

SEO Friendly URLs

Provide optimum results by allowing the search engines to easily read the category URLS, since they are written without the use of any special characters.

Add Meta tags

Add custom title, keyword and Meta tags to each web page. Meta tags majorly improve search engine optimization (SEO) and help Google crawl your website. Done correctly, your website will be the first to appear when certain key words are entered.

Custom Product URLs

Create custom URLs for all category levels as well as custom URLs for product levels. For each product, the individual descriptive keyword can be inserted into the URL in order to provide optimum SEO results.

Store Locator

show maps with markers and popup windows containing relevant store information and directions. This may be searchable by state, zip code or address and the results can be limited to remain within X number of miles from your search criteria. There is also a built in latitude/longitude conversion and distance calculation.

Custom HTML Emails

Send emails from the website that are heavily stylized via HTML/CSS and the content is dynamically controlled via CMS.

Automatic Foreign Currency Display/Conversion

International shoppers can view prices and the grand total of their purchases in their local currency.

Resource/Reservation Management

Manage all aspects of your range with Cumulus Retail. Create reservations, check in customers, assign specific ranges or lanes, offer memberships, define any required waivers, scan driver’s licenses, accept all major forms of payment, and split sales for groups.

Class & Course Scheduling

Provide online scheduling. Allow your customers to view open lanes, create reservations and pay for classes directly on your iCumulus eCommerce website, or as a stand-alone site.

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