Retail eCommerce Hosting


Retail eCommerce Hosting

Retailers need fast, secure and affordable eCommerce hosting. Retailers rely on Cumulus Retail to provide trusted eCommerce solutions. iCumulus eCommerce is a leading eCommerce platform hosted on the Cloud for small businesses.



iCumulus has unlimited bandwidth, which provides users with the ability to transfer any amount of data between systems.


Take advantage of iCumulus unlimited data storage feature, which allows users to upload, create, and use as much data storage as they need.

Backup Cloud

All of iCumulus’ data is backed up on the cloud. If your POS hardware goes down it is automatically saved/backed up on the cloud.


Tokenization Tokenization is the safest way to protect sensitive data, like credit card information. During a transaction, the credit card information is “tokenized,” meaning it transforms into a random string that cannot be mathematically decoded by hackers. With tokenization, the credit card data is never stored on the merchant level point of sale system.

Hacking protection

With top of line security, retailers never have to worry about their system being hacked and their customer data being stolen. All of Celerant’s system are PCI QIR protected so retailers know their data is secure.

Phone Support

If you ever have a question about your iCumulus system CAM provides 24 hour phone support. If your system is not working properly for any reason call and we will help solve the issue.

Live Chat & Email Support

To go along with our phone support CAM provides live chat and email support. If you have a question or concern easily chat with us and we can walk you through any issues you might have.


Our FAQ sheets provide you with full details of all the iCumulus’ features and products. The FAQ are there to give you as much information as possible so you can be prepared for any situation.

Video Tutorials

CAM offers a wide range of video tutorials that will take you step-by-step through your iCumulus system. The tutorials cover anything from ringing up sales to department on hand reporting and more.

Estimated Shipping

Shoppers can view their total purchase amount, including the estimated shipping, without having to register on the site. The grand total can change depending on the shipping address provided, because of the flexible tax calculator.

Order Confirmation/Summary

Provide a complete purchase summary after an order is placed online. The summary, including all of the items and charges (taxes, shipping, etc.), is displayed for the shopper in a printer friendly format and a copy is simultaneously emailed to the shopper.

UPS/FedEx Export

Simply export your online orders in an excel format to UPS Worldwide and/or FedEx for one step shipping. Retailers utilizing a third party warehouse can automate their order fulfillment process efficient.

Content Management System (CMS)

Manage and maintain your sites content; such as homepage banners, job postings, upcoming events, blog posts, and press releases, or any other frequently changing news or announcements. This built-in, integrated CMS module provides you with the ability to update your site content regularly and easily.

Gunbroker Utility

Enable retailers to optimize turnaround by providing an easy and unique way to sell firearms online via Integration with Celerant Command’s eCommerce offering allows retailers to sell these products directly from their inventory, in real-time.

Admin Accounts

Easily create administrative accounts. iCumulus does not limit the number of administrators retailers can have. Once a login is created, administrators have access to the system and can start making sales.

Admin Roles & Granular Permissions

Once an admin is created assign them a role and granular permissions. Granular permissions depend on whether the clearance of the admin and they types of restrictions the retailer wants to apply.

Professional Templates

Chose from a number of professional templates for your iCumulus system. These templates are meant to enhance the design/look of the system, while helping retailers look more professional.

Responsive Design

iCumulus’ responsive design is meant to fit the needs of the retailer’s consumer. This feature detects visitor’s screen size and orientation and change the layout accordingly. No matter if the retailers is looking at their POS system on a smartphone, tablet, or desktop the design will adjust.

Custom Banner Creation

Create your own banner (add header/side images) Easily create banners, and add headers and side images as needed. iCumulus is a fully customizable system which allows retailers to put their own personal touches on it.

Google Analytics Tracking

Take advantage of Google Analytics by having Celerant implement the appropriate Google Analytic Tracking tools and filters. These tools provide you with valuable insights into how long customers are staying on your site, where they are visiting, the pages that are getting the most attention, and more.

Advanced On-Site Product Search

Search for multiple products based on style, brand, keywords and descriptions, while the POS transaction is running. iCumulus has the ability to find multiple products in seconds.

With multiple versions and an upgrade path to compatible enterprise system,
You’ll never search for a new solution again!