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Product & Customer Management

iCumulus eCommerce POS retail software provides CRM and product management tools to help you easily manage your retail stores, website, and online marketplaces within one platform. With real-time integration to iCumulus, your website is in sync with your store. Pricing, promotions and gift cards can be consistent both in-store and online. Use the CRM to personalize email campaigns based on your shopper’s buying patterns, interests and brand preferences.


Product & Customer Management - FEATURES

Number of products

Manage and organize an unlimited number of products through iCumulus. Products can be uploaded manually or imported in bulk from another database.

Annual Revenue

Automatically calculates your retailer operations annual revenue. Cumulus takes the prices which your goods or services are sold at and multiplies it by the number of units or the amount sold.

Unlimited Product Images

Enhance your customer shopping experience by providing unlimited views of each item. You also have the ability to display a different image for each color and or style.

Customizable Product Categories

Easily customize product categories. iCumulus provides retailers with the ability to create product categories, which help sort the products when they are received. Product categories can be tailored to fit the specific needs of the retailer.

Order History

Promote repeat business by providing your customers with the ability to log-on to your website and access their complete order history. Returning customers can view all of their past purchases and make decisions for future purchases.

Product Icons (New, Sale, Free Shipping, etc.)

Feature particular item(s) in an ‘iconic’ way. Some recommended choices are “New Arrivals”, “Sale”, “Free Shipping”, “Limited QTY Available”, “Exclusive,” etc..

Product Flags (featured items, discounted, blowout, etc.)

Manage and maintain featured, discounted, and blowout items from your product landing pages. These items will vary from landing page to landing page.

Quick view/ Product preview

Quickly view products that have been uploaded to your iCumulus system. Once a product name is entered into the system the product description, images, and more will be shown.

Product Zoom

Magnify your product images to the thread level with the Zoom feature. Allow your customers to have a closer view to examine the finest details, as if they were viewing from inside the store.

Refunds, Exchanges, and Credits

Refunds, exchanges, and credits Refund, exchange, and credit customers as needed. Once a customer brings back a product and a receipt they can choose how they would like to be reimbursed and iCumulus makes the process quick and easy.

Share Product

Share products on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Instagram and more. Use social media to promote and advertise your products. This feature also allows your customers to share products on the different social media sites giving you free advertising.

Recently Viewed Products

Show customers what products they recently viewed and show suggested products. Remind customers of products they were interested in but did not have time to purchase or did not think it was the right time to purchase.

Centralized Customer Base

Keep your customers and employees in one central database. Instead of having a database in multiple systems and different places keep one database that has everything you need.

Customer Groups

Customer groups Group customers based on their buying patterns, purchase history, and more. Each customer group appears in the Categories dropdown menus in the customer detail screen under the personal tab.

Loyalty Point System

Create loyalty point systems where customers earn loyalty points every time they shop or participate in a deal. Loyalty points help to monitor customer purchases.

Bulk Product Import & Export

Enter new and existing products into the iCumulus database. Cumulus seamlessly integrates with a retailer’s systems and once the integration is complete, Cumulus automatically imports the products from the old system. iCumulus allows retailers to enter one product or products in bulk quickly and easily.

Advanced On-Site Product Search

Search products based on style, brand, keywords and description.

Product Comparison

Provide a custom side-by-side comparison tool, allowing your customers to quickly and easily compare related products. Unlimited custom, comparative criteria can be set by you and your customers to determine which products to highlight within the comparison chart.

Advanced Dynamic Product Filtering

Filter products based on any combination of the 20 open fields in your database. Decrease search time and increase your overall conversions by providing the ability to search for products on multiple criteria such as size, color, heel height, brand, price, country of origin, metal type, etc..

Additional Category Page Filters

Manage and maintain custom filters on the category page to make it easier for customers to find products Product Icons (New, Sale, Free Shipping, etc.).

Product Specs

Create more detailed and “gridded out” product specifications in a formatted table. The specifications will appear in the compare feature on the category page. Specs must be entered manually.

Product Matrices

If your organization sells products that are different sizes, colors, or other attributes, use product matrices to keep them organized. Add or edit any information about your customized matrix items at any time. Items can be added or edited all at once or individually.

Customizable order notifications

Create customized order notifications for inventory control. Monitor when an order is placed, who placed the order, when the order is delivered and more. Retailers can create as many order notifications as needed.

Product Reviews

Build your customers’ confidence within your products by generating a completely configurable product review tool. Allow your customers to answer product questions which can be customized by you, to be posted online for additional viewing.

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