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Sales & Marketing Tools

iCumulus eCommerce provides sales and marketing tools to help small-to-mid size retailers increase web traffic and boost retail sales in-store and online. Tools like integrated email automation make it easy to manage cart abandonment, targeted promotions, customer loyalty, gift cards, product reviews and more.

iCumulus E-Commerce Cloud POS


New Arrivals Department

Create in your top navigation a department for new items on the arrival date of the product. Once clicked on, it will take you to a page with all new items, which can then be filtered based on category, price, brand, color, size, and any additional custom filters.

Top Sellers Department

Display in your top navigation a department for top selling items based on quantity or dollar amount. Once clicked on, it will take shoppers to a page with all top selling items, which can then be filtered based on category, price, brand, color, size, and any additional custom filters.

Quantity Discounts

Encourage customers to purchase higher quantities by offering quantity discounts. Online shoppers can take advantage of the same group quantity discounts that are offered in store.

Centralized Product Management

Manage all of your products from your iCumulus system. As products are added, removed, or given descriptions iCumulus will update the entire system, so the products will automatically be reflected in-store and online.

Wish List

Simplify your shopper’s experience by enabling them to log onto your site and create a wish list, which can then be emailed to anyone, for simple, one step purchasing. After receiving the email, the customer simply clicks on “Add to Cart” and is automatically taken to the website where the item is directly added into the shopping cart.

Mailing Lists

Create and manage mailing lists which can be segmented based on demographics, buying habits, and more allowing you to tailor your content to fit the exact needs of your customers.

Sitemaps Submitted To Google For Better Ranking

Sitemaps submitted to Google for better ranking Submit your eCommerce sitemap to Google for better SEO ranking. Once the sitemap is submitted, Google crawls the site and ranks it in google search terms.

Accept All Major Credit Cards

Accept all major credit cards including; Visa, MasterCard, Chase, American Express, Discover, Citibank and more.

Persistent Cart

Retains customer products in a shopping cart beyond one visit. Reduce cart abandonment by providing a consistent user experience enabling your customers to pick up where they left off.

Guest Checkout

Allow customers to check out on your site without creating an account. The email address and customer information will still be stored in your database.

Suggested Products

Automatically send suggested products to customer’s that are relevant to previous purchases. The system leverages customer data from every retail channel the customer visits, including your physical store(s) and website.

Integrated Coupons

Run enterprise level promotions and provide the ability to redeem the same coupons online as in your stores.


Increase the amount customers spend by suggesting a more expensive model, added features/warranties, and more. The system leverages customer data from every retail channel the customer visits, including physical store(s) and website so you can know exactly what they are looking for.

Cart Abandonment

Reduce cart abandonment by sending reminder emails to customers. After a cart sits in the checkout counter for an extended period of time the system will send a reminder email for the customer to complete their purchase.

Advanced Promotional Rules

Set up more advanced promotions like video advertisements, integrated email automation, eCommerce, SEO services, conversion center for cart recovery and more.

Extensive Blogging Features

Create, edit, and add blogs from your system directly to your website. Manage your blog in one centralized location where you have complete control.

Gift With Purchase

Customers may receive a gift with purchase of a qualified item and opportunity messages can be displayed with links to the items. If a customer qualifies for a gift with purchase, a scrollable list of options dynamically appears in the shopping cart.

Customized Order Notifications

Create and manage customized order notifications that let you know when a product is ordered, delivered, or delayed. The notifications are controlled by you and there is no limit to the number of notifications that can be set.

Email Automation

Pull real-time CRM and sales data to segment customer email lists and send personalized emails based on automated workflows. The power behind Celerant’s marketing automation is its ability to dynamically segment consumers based on their shopping behavior, past purchases, brand preferences and demographics. The system leverages customer data from every retail channel they visit, including your physical store(s) and website. With Celerant’s marketing automation platform, email campaigns are personalized and sent based on automated workflows, ensuring that consumers will receive emails that are actually meant for them, increasing the chances they will click and convert into a sale. For example, invite customers to post online reviews for prior purchases; send suggested upsell items; remind shoppers with products in cart; offer targeted coupons; and reengage lost customers. These scenarios, plus many more, can be designed by your own marketing staff or Celerant’s digital marketing experts who can make recommendations based on what works across multiple retail verticals.

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