The Right POS Software Can Help Your Business Operate More Effectively

The Right POS Software Can Help Your Business Operate More Effectively

The Right POS Software Can Help Your Business Operate More Effectively

should be the top factor when choosing a new point of sale solution.

Implementing a new Point of Sale platform can be a long painstaking process that yields great results when a legacy platform is failing to meet the needs of a retailer. But before jumping in with a new technology partner, a retailer should first look at projected growth over at least a five year period and make sure the new platform will support it. 

This includes growth in all areas, not just adding new store locations. For example, a retailer might have plans to venture into the online world or expand their current eCommerce presence.  

For example, a retailer might have plans to venture into the online world or expand their current eCommerce presence.  Or maybe the retailer is looking to streamline inventory management and fulfillment, gather more unified data to make decisions on merchandise, integrate with vendors (distributors, manufacturers, etc) for catalog imports, automated purchase orders and drop ship. In today’s evolving retail climate, POS vendors increasingly need to be capable of much more than simply point of sale, and so it makes sense to have a POS provider that is capable of supporting this growth.

Customer Data Goes Far Beyond the In-Store Point of Sale

Capturing customer data really exceeds POS and it is something that needs to be observed from an omnichannel perspective. Consumers today do not know the difference between channels and they expect retailers at POS to have knowledge of their online behaviors and vice versa. Therefore, each customer should maintain a single profile that follows them as they travel between your retail channels using a CRMOn one end, this means that a single login will give them access to all of their loyalty reward and purchase information. On the other end, this means giving retail store team members at POS the capability to enter data on behavior in store that will combine with online behavior to ultimately provide the customer with the most relevant and personalized offers.

The Importance of ‘Live Data” between stores and Websites

The POS world is being redefined as customers no longer have the patience to tolerate out-of-‐stocks. The “buy online, pick up in stores” model is proving to be very successful to retailers and it depends on real‐time visibility into available inventory. Most retailers know they are competing with online or big box retailers that can provide perks like free two day shipping because inventory management is not as much of a challenge to them. 

Many shoppers that can’t find what they are looking for in store often think “this would have been much easier and saved me time if I ordered it online.” It is difficult to overstate how important accurate inventory management is to retailers and how systems that poll data, or update overnight, are obsolete. To be completely beneficial it has to be real-time and integrated between all sales channels.

A Seamless Unified Commerce Experience at the POS

It really all comes down to visibility. That includes visibility into inventory, visibility into consumer records and behaviors, and visibility into sales data. The first two are self-explanatory, but monitoring sales data helps retailers understand what merchandise consumers are demanding right now. They can set minimum and maximum inventory thresholds within the retail software, to set up automated ordering so top selling items are never out of stock and inventory isn’t bogged down with slow moving merchandise.  In-store point of sale also represents perhaps the biggest bottleneck in the retail experience and customers hate waiting in line or looking for a register. POS platforms that have fully functional mobile POS capabilities built-in allow retailers to arm every single team member with a tablet that can do everything a cash wrap can, and from anywhere in the store. This blends the convenience of online shopping with the instant gratification of in-store POS and provides shoppers the experience they are looking for.
Gaming Retailer Goes Live With Cumulus Retail POS To Streamline Operations

Gaming Retailer Goes Live With Cumulus Retail POS To Streamline Operations

Gaming Retailer Goes Live With Cumulus Retail POS To Streamline Operations

CAM Commerce announces gaming and hobby retailer to upgrade their POS and eCommerce to Cumulus Retail

Blog - 1st Cumulus Go-LiveFountain Valley, CA (October 11, 2017) – CAM Commerce, a subsidiary of Celerant Technology and a leading provider of omnichannel retail solutions, today announced that Heroic Knight Games, went live with the Cumulus Retail POS platform. Heroic Knights, a long-term customer of CAM Commerce, is a gaming and hobby retailer.

CAM Commerce, which has a nearly 35-year proven track record, developed Cumulus Retail to offer small-to-mid sized retailers advanced features at affordable SaaS pricing, enabling them to compete with larger retailers. Cumulus simplifies complex processes and improves efficiency by integrating POS, eCommerce and third-party marketplaces into a single retail platform that can be accessed on the web from any mobile device.

Unlike most Cloud software, Cumulus Retail is ‘Always On’, allowing retailers to continue ringing sales and access all POS functions including pricing, promotions, sales and customers – even when the internet goes down. With its integrated eCommerce, iCumulus, retailers can operate their store and web as one, ensuring inventory, gift cards, loyalty rewards and promotions are consistent in-store and online. With drag-and-drop editing tools, new web pages can be easily created without the need of a web developer.

The retail industry is gravitating towards intuitive, Cloud-based POS and retail systems with little to no upfront investment and affordable SaaS subscriptions”, said Ian Goldman, CEO of CAM Commerce, a subsidiary of Celerant Technology. “What differentiates Cumulus Retail is the experience and maturity of our company; our understanding of retail, combined with our advanced technology such as ‘Always On’ POS, integrated eCommerce and drop shipping. We empower smaller merchants to more effectively manage their brick and mortar stores and online sales including marketplace integrations such as Amazon or Walmart, digital marketing and more.  Perhaps our biggest differentiator is our Enterprise system upgrade which doesn’t require a data conversion.  Our goal is to support our clients’ long-term success; Cumulus Retail is the foundation for that success.”

Cumulus Retail offers three levels to choose from, and a seamless upgrade path to an Enterprise system, to support the growth of its clients. In addition, CAM Commerce developed innovative add-ons, online marketplace integrations (Amazon, Walmart, eBay, etc) and offers a fully-integrated digital marketing platform for email automation to help retailers promote their business and boost sales. The email marketing tool uses real-time CRM and sales data from the store and website to personalize and automate email campaigns based on shoppers’ buying patterns and brand preferences.

Here at Heroic Knight Games we had been using RetailSTAR, by CAM Commerce, since we opened in March 2014, and it was a solid and reliable POS platform, but we were ready to move to an ‘on-demand software’”, stated Paul Sewell, Owner of Heroic Knight Games. “I researched several other alternatives, but the Cumulus Retail system really stood out, plus we have always received a very high quality of support and service. The CAM Team converted our sales, customer and product data, performed live training sessions and provided us with a vast array of short training videos for my staffs’ future reference. John Avery, who is one of the Customer Care Project Managers, and Tandy Trujillo, who is one of the Implementation Managers, were assigned to my onboarding process, and have been invaluable in making our transition process as smooth as possible. We already see improved efficiencies in my store even after only being live for a couple of weeks and I look forward to a partnership for years to come.”

RetailSTAR And Cumulus Retail Receive CPA Advisor 5-Star POS Rating

RetailSTAR And Cumulus Retail Receive CPA Advisor 5-Star POS Rating

RetailSTAR And Cumulus Retail Receive CPA Advisor 5-Star POS Rating

Cumulus Retail and RetailSTAR point of sale receive highest honors

Cumulus CPA Practice Advisor 5 StarsFountain Valley, CA (September 19, 2017) – CAM Commerce, a subsidiary of Celerant Technology, received two five-star ratings from the CPA Practice Advisor; RetailSTAR CAM Commerce’s flagship product, and new to the list is CAM’s latest Cloud-based SaaS platform, Cumulus Retail. CPA Practice Advisor completes extensive research and review of multiple retail software platforms and the star system is intended to provide product reviews to retailers to help them make informed technology decisions.

RetailSTAR earned high praise for its point of sale, inventory management, eCommerce platform, CRM in-depth reporting, real-time capabilities, and more. While Cumulus Retail, CAM Commerce’s latest Cloud retail system received high marks for features such Point of Sale, eCommerce, inventory management, marketplace integrations, social media applications and more.

We are honored to be recognized year after year for our RetailSTAR platform and for our newest Cumulus Retail system to be included with such high ratings for not only point of sale and store operations, but for bringing in online operations such as integrated eCommerce, marketplace integrations and digital marketing,” said Ian Goldman, CEO of CAM Commerce Solutions, a subsidiary of Celerant Technology. “Our mission is to bring innovative technology to the smaller merchants, so they can more effectively compete with big box retailers. Our 5 star ratings for our software platforms speak to how well we are achieving this.

CPA Practice Advisor’s RetailSTAR review highlights how, “the product easily handles a variety of transaction types including regular POS transactions, customer data management, layaways, special orders, holds, purchasing and receiving, distribution warehouse management, work orders, and payment processing.” While “Cumulus Retail offers both product and inventory management capability, with users able to import products from a vendor catalog, assign product and department levels to each product and create product templates that expedite product entry.

With a long list of features included in the system, as well as the availability of three product versions, Cumulus offers an amazing array of features and functionality at a very affordable price. POS, eCommerce, and Inventory mobile apps are available as well… Cumulus Retail offers excellent reporting capabilities, with users able to access pre-defined reports or access the Report Designer function to create custom reports.

CAM Commerce, a subsidiary of Celerant Technology, continues to enhance the RetailSTAR platform, while dedicating a significant amount of resources to the latest SaaS retail platform, Cumulus Retail.